If You Can Talk, You Can Write
by Joel Saltzman
(Warner Books, 1993; $11.99)

This book is about getting you to write - with optimism, enthusiasm, and only occasionally wanting to kill yourself. Based on the author’s popular workshop for the UCLA Writer’s Program, this is a program with proven results. A certified Best Seller with more than 75,000 copies sold.

“5 Tips for Chipping Away at Writer’s Block”

If You Can Talk, You Can Write
Two cassette audio version (Audio Partners, 1999; $17.95)
Read to You by The Author

“Witty and rewarding”—People Magazine
"Best Educational & Training Audio" —National Audie Award

“Listen to a sample”

If You’re Writing, Let’s Talk
by Joel Saltzman
(Prima Publishing, 1997; $14.00)

Team leader Joel Satzman guides six writers on their journey through a ten-week writing workshop. Discover how each solution to their problems can guide you past your own self-doubts and creative dilemmas.

Chapter One

The Spirit of Writing
Classic and Contemporary Essays
Celebrating the Writing Life
(Tarcher/Putnam, 2001; $15.95)

Contibutors include: Stephen King, Henry Miller... and
Joel Saltzman