5 Tips for
Chipping Away at Writer's Block

1. Don’t Sit Around Waiting for Inspiration

If you don't know what to say, say whatever comes to mind. The more you “talk” on paper, the more you’ll discover what you want to say.

2. Stop Being a Perfectionist

Instead of trying to make it “perfect” from the start, give yourself the freedom to make mistakes. Make lots of mistakes.

3. Learn That a Rotten First Attempt is a Great Way to Start

Writing is rewriting. The more whacks you take at it, the better it gets.

4. For Your First Draft, Don’t Worry About Grammar

The more you worry about grammar, the less you’re going to write.

5. Put it Away if You Must, But You Must Not Give Up

Being stumped is part of the process. So’s getting back to work.

Adapted from If You Can Talk, You Can Write: A Proven Program to Get You Writing and Keep You Writing by Joel Saltzman (Warner Books, 1993; $12.99).
Two cassette audio version (Audio Partners, 1999; $17.95)