8 Great Tips for Becoming
“The Worst Salesman in the World!”

1. Avoid Asking Questions

By asking questions and searching for people’s needs, you risk being overwhelmed by a variety of needs. Better to avoid asking questions and sell everyone the same. Leave the probing to shrinks. As a salesperson, there are only two questions to ask: "How much can I sell you?" and "Why not let me sell you more?"

2. Talk More Than You Listen

By dominating the conversation you’re likely to overlook your prospect’s needs, which is good. Because needs can vary and selling shouldn’t.

Then Again ... Consider how one suitor wooed the woman of his dreams:
“I listened to what she wanted to hear and I made sure I said it.”

3. Sell Features, Not Benefits

It’s easy to sell features, such as: “This product boasts many fine and useful features, many of which you may never need or use.”

Then Again ... Selling benefits lets your customer know: Here’s how this product or service will benefit YOU, how it will IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.

4. Always Assume You Won't Make the Sale

Protect yourself from feelings of disappointment by always assuming you won't make the sale. This simple strategy will prove to you just how smart you truly are: You didn't think you'd make the sale... and you were right!

5. Soon as the Buyer Offers Resistance, Start to Discount

Whenever someone challenges your price, ask them directly: "How much cheaper would I have to make this for you to say Yes?" After all, the lower you go -- and the faster you get there -- the faster the sale.

Then Again ...
Better to prevent price objections by building in so much perceived value your deal becomes an irresistible bargain.

6. Never Return a Phone Call the Same Day It Comes In

To return a call promptly says you're hungry for business -- somethin you don't want your prospect to know. As a rule, wait at least a week before you call them back. Two's even better.

7. Make New Sales, Not Resales

It's often easier to find a new client that to ask an old one to buy again -- especially once the relationship has soured. Better to keep finding new prospects, people who will be unable to say: "I've done business with you and it is not an experience I'd care to repeat." After all, why go back to the well when it's already poisoned?

8. Start at the Bottom

When selling to a new account, always start your efforts with the lowest person on the ladder, then crawl your way up. Better to “start low and stay low” than risk making a quick sale by going straight to the top.


Joel Saltzman is a speaker, facilitator, and consultant who teaches people in business to Shake That Brain! - for winning solutions AND lots of fun. Look for his latest book, Shake That Brain!, to be published by Wiley 2/06. Joel can be reached in San Diego at (619) 543-9432 e-mail: joel@shakethatbrain.com
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