8 Great Tips for
Selling With Honor

If you're someone who's even the least bit uncomfortable with the idea of selling your product or service, you've probably grappled with the question, "How can I effectively sell without selling my soul?" The solution is to listen to your inner voice and sell only in a way that's comfortable, honest, and honorable.

"Honorable selling?," you ask. "Isn't that an oxymoron?" Not at all. Selling with honor begins when you can honestly say, "I have something of value to offer." Then all you have to do is communicate that value.

If you have to sell to succeed -- and you do -- here are some simple steps to get you selling. and keep you selling.

1. Develop an unwavering belief in your value

Your first job is to communicate your value directly to yourself -- to sell yourself on the value of your product or service. Otherwise, you face an uphill battle, asking yourself, If I can't sell me, how can I sell anyone else?

How do you develop "an unwavering belief in your value"?

2. Make your offer... a really great offer!

Everyone in the world loves a great deal. Make your product or service one that's truly outstanding and you make it easier for the seller to sell... and the buyer to buy.

3. Ask questions

Before you jump in with, "Here's what I can do for you," first find out what needs to be done.

4. Give Value in Advance

Prove the value of your deal in advance of asking for the business -- like a "free taste" of that new ice-cream, or offering professional advice before they're a client.

5. When giving Value in Advance, make it unique

Prove to your prospects how you're different and better than the rest.

6. Don’t beg

There's a word for what people do when they ask for business without demonstrating their value in advance -- begging. Avoid the urge to beg for work. Instead, give them so much value -- and so much proof of your value -- they'll beg you to work for them!

7. Don’t be desperate

No one wants to do business with someone who's desperate for the work. People want to do business with busy, successful, proven commodities -- people, in fact, who don't need the work.

What if you really do need the work? Keep it to yourself!

8. Be passionate

From Martin Luther King to Bruce Springsteen, passion is the spark that starts the fire, the magnet that draws people in. Share your passion and vision, and few can resist.


Joel Saltzman is a speaker, facilitator, and consultant who teaches people in business to Shake That Brain! - for winning solutions AND lots of fun. Look for his latest book, Shake That Brain!, to be published by Wiley 2/06. Joel can be reached in San Diego at (619) 543-9432 e-mail: joel@shakethatbrain.com
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