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Shake That Brain!

How to Create Winning Solutions (And Have FUN While You're at It)

Shake That ETHICS Brain!
How to Decide "What's the Right Thing to Do?"

Shake That SPEAKING Brain!
How to Deliver Killer Presentations

Shake That LEADERSHIP Brain!
— With 8 Great Teamwork Tools You Can't Win Without!

New Program!
How to Have The Perfect Life
— From Buddha to Jay Z

How to Have The Perfect Life
— From Buddha to Jay Z

Based on my latest book, here’s a practical and spiritual approach to leading a
“Perfect Life.” Jam-packed with tools and tips, you’ll discover the
“wisdom of the ages” - from Buddha to Jay Z.

Spanning continents and cultures, you’ll learn how Muhammad Alihad a lot in
common with Aristotle … how Johnny Cash borrowed from Confucius … and how hip
hop recording artist, Macklemore, owes a debt of gratitude to Pythagoras (who you
may remember from math class in high school). Along the way, you’ll learn to lead a
stress-free, rewarding life. And who couldn’t use a little help with that?

"Looking for a cross between a razor-sharp comedian and a practical guide to
spiritual and earth-bound success? Look no further than J.S. Salt’s 'How to Have The
Perfect Life.'" - Jane Kaplan, former producer, Good Morning America

Learn more at

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Shake That Brain!

How to Create Winning Solutions (And Have FUN While You're at It)

Start your meeting, conference or retreat with a BLAST of enthusiasm and
FUN with a Shake That Brain! keynote —to get them thinking and reacting a whole new
way. Includes breaking delicate objects, shattering everyday assumptions, and on-stage
brain surgery. Based on the book, Shake That Brain! (Wiley, 2006).

"You got us thinking, and thinking differently. You made it a fun, exciting ride, backing it all up with
compelling examples.... A true mental workout!"
Derek Barton, Sr. VP, Gold's Gym

"Thanks to your Keynote presentation, our 2005 Conference got off to a high-energy start that continued
straight to the end!"
Lynette Schick, CMP, President Society of Government Meeting Planners

Outstanding Outcomes:
Your people will learn to:
• Broaden their mindsets and strengthen their upper-body solution finding skills.
• Shake, rattle, and question their assumptions —they're crippling!
• Turn their worst ideas into GREAT ideas
• Learn the power of "Opposites Thinking"
• Have "Yes" meetings only
• Generate and implement bold new solutionsby using just what's in the room.

Audio Samples

Miniature Golf
The Elegant Solution

Oh, Shut Up!
Radio Interview: Part I
Radio Interview: Part II

What If You're Wrong?

Mistakes Are Great
Need a Solution?
Good Idea or Bad Idea?
12 Top Tips to Shake That Brain!

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Solve It NOW!

Grappling with a challenge you can't seem to solve or just don't even have the time
tackle? Using proven Shake That Brain! tools, Joel leads your group to create
extraordinary solutions to whatever's most challenging you and your group — right
there in the room.

Prior to the meeting, Joel interviews members of your group and develops insights
about your challenges. He then facilitates an intensive session that harnesses the
collective brain power of all involved.

Participants Respond:

"Joel, you were awesome! From your advance fact-finding to your "Solve It Now!" workshop,
I can report first hand: This program really works. Of the three ongoing issues we tackled, we
solved them all - just like you promised. As a facilitator, you were entertaining and encouraging.
But best of all, you led us to solve our problems ourselves, creating maximum buy-in for
everyone in the room."
Kathie Nirschl, Director of Human Resources, Aquarium of the Pacific

"Your 'Solve It Now!' workshop was nothing short of masterful. You showed us how to solve
some problems many of us have had for years
- and in less than an hour!
Jeff Peterson, Executive Director, Foil Stamping & Embossing Association

"This workshop was fabulous! Your ability to get at the truth in the room was key. You were able to
take the specific and complex topics we presented you with and help us to create "out of the box"
solutions. The outcome has been very empowering for staff. And you were a joy to work with!."
Marah Kuwada, Training Coordinator, Bay Area Academy

Outstanding Outcomes:
You'll learn to:
Turn that crisis into a great OPPORTUNITY for your organization
Discover SOLUTIONS to any problem with easy-to-apply formulas
Harness the brain power of experts - your own group or team - for ZERO-dollars!

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Shake That ETHICS Brain!
How to Decide "What's the Right Thing to Do?"

Too often, people limit themselves by framing ethical dilemmas as "either/or" propositions.
Joel uses his Shake That Brain! strategies to teach your group to create more and better
alternatives — to find solutions that are both good ethics AND smart business.

Participants learn to "Shake That ETHICS Brain!" to discover winning solutions to a variety of
intriguing hypothetical in this super-interactive program. Your group will learn that doing the
right thing is not only a better way to do business, it's also more profitable. The result? Better
compliance with your organization's Code of Ethics and a stronger, more successful organization.

And we'll show you to how to "spread the word" —so everyone knows, "These are our rules."
Because having good rules isn't enough. What you need to create is a corporate culture where
following the rules ... is as natural as breathing.


Don't have a Code of Ethics? We'll help you to create a code that's clear, precise and user-


Participants Respond:

"Lots of applicable knowledge." "Without making me feel uncomfortable (and without coming off as self-righteous
or condescending or judgmental) Joel really forced me to stop and think about my behavior. I learned something
about myself. (Plus it was fun.)" "This should be a core course .. Invite him back again and again!"
Participants at Harley-Davidson University, 2006

Your creative framework for managing business ethics is exactly what I was looking for. As a leader, I now
use your model with my clients to guide them through their day-to-day ethical dilemmas. You were awesome
and informative!
A. J. Zissler, Small Business Development Center

Outstanding Outcomes:

An easy-to-use system to guide ethical behavior and help people make the right decision.
Executives, managers and other employees who are better equipped to lead by example during the normal business day.
A better business reputation, more loyal customers and more customer referrals

"What Should I Do?"
Writing a Code of Ethics for Your Business
6 Top Tips to Shake That Ethics Brain!
"Hey, Tattle-tale!" (How Grade School Ethics Got it All Wrong)

From the New York Times

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Shake That SPEAKING Brain!
How to Deliver Killer Presentations

In this highly interactive program, Joel teaches participants to speak with clarity, energy,
and enthusiasm. He shows you how to tap into your passion and make it a vital part of
every presentation.

Through a series of exercises - conducted in a fun, supportive atmosphere - you'll learn to
identify your individual strengths while learning you're NOT alone when it comes to certain
fears and anxieties. You'll also have an opportunity to grow as a speaker and presenter as
you try on NEW BEHAVIOR right in class - and experience on a personal, visceral, level the
REACTION it engenders. In other words: You'll get a real "taste" of what it's like to succeed!
And once you get that "taste" you'll be on your way to becoming a more compelling and
persuasive speaker. Everyone whose job description includes making presentations or
selling will BENEFIT from this program.

Participants Respond:

Superb ....Wonderful ... Inspiring people to believe in themselves ... Fabulous exercises ... Presenter was
outstanding. Bring him back! ... I recommend this workshop to all speakers, presenters and communicators ...
The absolute best training class I have ever been in!
—Attendees, Federal Dispute Resolution Conference

The best workshop I have ever attended! No doubt about it! ...Powerful and persuasive ... Gave me a whole
new outlook on speaking ... .Joel didn't just teach technique like other trainers, he empowered each of us to
discover a hidden ability to powerfully communicate.I will never approach speaking to a group the same way again.
— Attendees, Society of Government Meeting Planners Annual Conference (2004)

Outstanding Outcomes:

Participants learn to
• Prepare and deliver powerful speeches and presentations

• Be fully prepared AND spontaneous
• Present their ideas with conviction and enthusiasm


Stage Fright to Stage Might!
12 Top Tips to Give a Damn Good Speech


Shake That LEADERSHIP Brain!
— With 8 Great Teamwork Tools You Can't Win Without!


Keynote: Serving as "team leader," Joel Saltzman reveals the secrets to building and
leading high-performance teams — from building trust and team collaboration ... to
creating and maintaining standards of excellence. In addition to plenty of business examples,
Joel draws on his background as a Hollywood writer with compelling stories of team-building
and team-bungling from the world of movies -- from movies like "Hoosiers" and "Master and
Commander" to "Apollo 13," even "Bonnie and Clyde."

Participants Respond:


Your "Eight Great Teamwork Tools" program was excellent and very well received ... teaching us how to
have fun while accomplishing things. Thank you, as well, for your effort spent in preparation. You made
us feel like you truly understood our group and our challenges.
—Dr. Joanne M. Brown, President, Assoc. of Food & Drug Officials of the Southern States

"Wonderful and fun ... Great, fun stories and teaching examples ... Very entertaining with lots of helpful info."

Workshop: This intensive, action-packed program can be geared either to a group of team
MEMBERS or team LEADERS. Joel interviews everyone in advance to develop an understanding
of the specific issues you're struggling with. Using various Shake That Brain! strategies, Joel then
facilitates one or more highly interactive sessions in which he leads your group to shake its
collective brains and discover outstanding solutions to the issues at hand.

As a result, team MEMBERS will ready and willing to fully collaborate and take on new challenges.
And team LEADERS will be equipped with the skills they need to build and maintain high-
performance teams and lead them to greatness.

Outstanding Outcomes:

Achieve better morale, improved team functioning, and increased productivity. You'll learn to:
Awaken talent
Build trust and team cooperation
Establish and maintain standards of excellence
Be tough on principles, not people
Lead every day with "Can do!" enthusiasm.

8 Great Teamwork Tools You Can't Win Without!
Team Charter & Agreements
Teamwork Tools (By Tots Who Know)

In addition to his corporate programs, Joel is well-known for his programs with husbands,
wives, and their children. We call it Shake That Brain! "Family Style."

You may also be interested in the program that launched
Joel's career as a teacher and trainer:

Shake That WRITING Brain!

When we talk, we tell stories and present ideas rarely with much anxiety. But think about
g something and panic sets in. Overcome this crippling response by learning how to
"talk" on paper. Based on Joel's Best Selling book, If You Can Talk, You Can Write.
(In 2000, his recording of this book won a National Audie Award for "BEST Educational
& Training Audio.") Click here to read some amazing book reviews.

Outstanding Outcomes:
Conquer the Killer P's -- Perfectionism, Paralysis, and Procrastination
Silence your inner critic ("Shut up already, I'm trying to write!)
Get inspired when you don't feel inspired.
Write you best stuff ever!

5 Quick Tips for Chipping Away at Writer's Block
5 Quick Tips for Writing Like a Person (Not a Mindless Drone)

If You Can Talk, You Can Write
If You're Writing, Let's Talk

Audio Sample
If You Can Talk, You Can Write

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