"Almost Perfect"
Shake That MARRIAGE Brain!



Shake That MARRIAGE Brain!
Little Things You Can Do for
BIG Improvements in Your Marriage

From the creator of the best selling books
"How to Be The Almost Perfect Husband"
& "How to Be The Almost Perfect Wife"

As presented at "Smart Marriages" (2005, 2006)

Here's a fun, no-stress marriage program — ready-to-use "right out of the box!"
Includes: Teacher's guide, Power Points, handouts (including "Marriage Moments" from The Honeymooners & I Love Lucy"), writing and discussion exercises, Pop Quizzes that are funny AND educational, video of Joel Saltzman doing his famous "Oh, shut up!" routine ... and more. (All supplied on DVD.) Also included: 80 books (details below). And to make sure your program gets the attendance it deserves, a marketing audio ("Shake That Marketing Brain!") plus a FREE marketing phone consultation.


Program Details:

The program begins with a powerful - and funny! - PowerPoint based on the book:

How To Keep the Love
in Your Love Life

Fairy Tales Can Come True

Be our guest! Enjoy the following Powe
rPoint Preview Sample:
"Relationship Tips from FAIRY TALES CAN COME TRUE"
Can't view PowerPoint?*****
Click here for a FREE PowerPoint Viewer!

Complete PowerPoint features more than 120 slides and 60 photos.
(Program includes 20 copies of the book - for couples to share after the program.)

Also featured in this program ...

Marriage tips from Ralph, Ed, Alice, Trixie, Desi and Lucy!

ccc"The Honeymooners" ssxc "I Love Lucy" va

Also includes PowerPoint Pop Quizzes based on the Best Selling books:

By Wives Who Know

By Husbands Who Know

Both books by J.S. Salt (aka Joel Saltzman) — from interviews with more than 1,000 husbands and 1,000 wives. (More than 250,000 copies sold.)
Program includes 20 Husband books and 20 Wife books.

Bonus Program!

Does being married mean being part of a "team"? You bet it does!
That's why each "Shake That Marriage Brain!" program includes the bonus
program, "Teamwork Tools for Married Folks—by Tots Who Know."
This PowerPoint presentation (PREVIEW SAMPLE) is based on the book ...

Kids' Advice on Treating People Right
Program includes 20 copies of What The World Needs Now.

(Plus the valuable handout: "Teamwork Tools for Married Folks - by TOTS Who Know")

What The World Needs Now

Finally ...

Each program graduate receives an MD (Doctorate of Marriage) diploma.

Program Outcomes:
• Fewer struggles
• Happier spouses
• Sure fire ways to solve marriage conflicts

• And a lot more FUN in your marriage!

Complete Program Contents:
Teacher's Guide
4 Power Points
80 books (20 copies each of Fairy Tales, World, Husband and Wife)
Video of Joel Saltzman doing his famous "Oh, Shut Up!" routine
Fun "Pop Quizzes"
Marketing audio
Telephone support

What's unique about our "Shake That Marriage Brain!" program?
1. It's fun.
2. It's easy to deliver.
3. It's easy to LEARN and PRACTICE daily.
4. It includes the option of buying additional books for as little as $1/ book.

"Joel, did my first presentation last night. Went very well. Sold twenty sents of books (Husband, Wife and Fairy Tales) for $20/ set. That nearly pays for your program for me! Also, I've attached the PowerPoint presentation I did... you'll see I added a number of slides and made some alterations to fit this crowd (conservative Bible-belt church). Thanks, and I look forward to the association. I will be ordering additional books in the days ahead."

Ralph Griggs

WHAT'S THE PRICE? Just $495.00. Lifetime Guarantee: If you're not delighted, return your program at any time for a complete refund. (Please add $25.00 for shipping and handling within the United States.)

CAN WE PLAY LESS? Sure. Pay just $197.00 and receive everything in the program except the books. (Please add $10.00 for shipping and handling within the United States.)

Still not convinced? Contact Joel and ask him to send you FREE PowerPoint samples based on "Perfect Husband," "Perfect Wife" or "What The World Needs Now."

Tel: (619) 543-9432
Fax: (619) 521-9728
Cell: (805) 573-1069

If you'd prefer
... Joel will be happy to deliver this program in person, delivering results like:


"Joel, you delivered everything we asked for - and more. I knew you'd be good. But I sure didn't count on a standing ovation. You deserved it!"

Naomi Vernon
Family Matters Operations Branch
Randolph AFB


"Thanks for making our Fatherhood Conference a success. You were awesome and the eval's are great. Not only did you help to make better dads, you also helped to make better husbands."

Eva Granville
Family Advocacy Program Manager
Fort Monroe


"Joel, I just finished listening to the tape of your program. Everything
I heard about it was true: You were funny, motivating and informative
—a wonderful combination. I would love to see you present for us again."

Diane Sollee, Founder and Director
Smart Marriages Conference

For information about Joel and all his "Shake That Brain!" programs, visit:

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Use it as a stand-alone program or to supplement programs like PREP.
Questions? Just contact Joel and he'll be happy to help.