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Shake That Brain!
How to Create Winning Solutions (And Have FUN While You're at It)



Start your meeting, conference or retreat with a BLAST of enthusiasm and fun with a Shake That Brain! keynote —to get them thinking and reacting a whole new way. Includes breaking delicate objects, shattering everyday assumptions, and on-stage brain surgery.

"You got us thinking, and thinking differently. You made it a fun, exciting ride, backing it all up with compelling examples.... A true mental workout!"
Derek Barton, Sr. VP, Gold's Gym

"Thanks to your Keynote presentation, our 2005 Conference got off to a high-energy start that continued straight to the end!"
Lynette Schick, CMP, President Society of Government Meeting Planners

Outstanding Outcomes:
Your people will learn to:
• Broaden their mindsets and strengthen their upper-body solution finding skills.
• Shake, rattle, and question thier assumptions —they're crippling!
• Turn their worst ideas into GREAT ideas
• Learn the power of "Opposites Thinking"
• Have "Yes" meetings only
• Generate and implement bold new solutionsby using just what's in the room.


Looking for industry specific solutions?

Add a "Solve-it-Now!" workshop where Joel helps participants
to create extraordinary solutions to their own business problems
or issues right there at your meeting!

Each "Solve-it-Now!" workshop is unique -- based on topics from your audience or must-address questions prepared in advance by representatives of your company or association, along with Joel's input. This option available for all Shake That Brain! programs.

Outstanding Outcomes:

You'll learn to:
Turn that crisis into a great OPPORTUNITY
Discover SOLUTIONS to any problem with easy-to-apply formulas
Harness the brain power of experts for ZERO-dollars!

Got a problem you just KNOW can't be solved?
Ask about Joel's money-back guarantee!

Audio Samples

Miniature Golf (277 kb)
The Elegant Solution
(564 kb)
Oh, Shut Up! (614kb)

What If You're Wrong?
Mistakes Are Great
Need a Solution?
Good Idea or Bad Idea?
12 Top Tips to Shake That Brain!

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Shake That TEAM BUILDING Brain!


— With 8 Great Teamwork Tools You Can't Win Without!
Serving as "team leader," Joel Saltzman reveals the secrets to building and maintaining high-performance teams -- from building trust and team collaboration ... to creating and maintaining standards of excellence. In addition to plenty of business examples, Joel draws on his background as a Hollywood writer with compelling stories of team-building and team-bungling from the world of movies -- from movies like "Hoosiers" and "Master and Commander" to "Apollo 13," even "Bonnie and Clyde." This is a hip, action-packed program for building your team and leading it to greatness. Participants receive a model Team Charter, to help put their learning into immediate action.

Outstanding Outcomes:
Achieve better morale, improved team functioning, and increased productivity. You'll learn to:
• Awaken talent
• Build trust and team cooperation
• Establish and maintain standards of excellence
• Be tough on principles, not people
• Lead every day with "Can do!" enthusiasm.

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(And the Movies That Prove It)

Team Charter & Agreements

Teamwork Tools (By Tots Who Know)



Shake That ETHICS Brain!


Participants engage in a series of hypothetical and provocative ethical business dilemmas, followed by the questions: "What would you do?" and "What should you do?" We'll explore rationalizations ("Everyone's doing it." "It doesn't hurt anyone."), legality v. morality ("It's legal, but is it ethical?"), feelings of guilt ("How would you feel if your mother found out?") and the Big One: How do you decide 'What's the right thing to do?'"

Outstanding Outcomes:
When faced with an ethical question in business, participants will now have an easy-to-use system to guide their behavior and help them make the right decision. Moreover, they'll be better equipped to lead-by-example during the normal business day.

12 Key Questions [Abridged]
Writing a Code of Ethics for Your Business
6 Top Tips to Shake That Ethics Brain!

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What The World Needs Now


R- E-S-P-E-C-T: Creating a RESPECTFUL Workplace


Best-selling author Joel Saltzman (aka J.S. Salt) asked 1,500 kids (ages 6-12), "What's your advice for treating people right?" His findings provide a simple, direct and powerful treatise on "How to Create a Respectful Workplace." Think of this program as "Everything I Needed to Learn About RESPECT I Learned in Grade School."

Outstanding Outcomes:
Establish and maintain standards of R-E-S-P-E-C-T by learning to::
• Lead with respect
• Become a "hero" through small but important acts of kindness
• Create a worksplace where R-E-S-P-E-C-T increases employee and customer satisfaction and loyalty -- and increases profits.


Related Book:
What The World Needs Now

Selections from ...
"What The World Needs Now: Kids' Advice on Treating People Right"



Shake That SALES Brain!



Whether you're a salesperson or sales manager, you'll enjoy this highly interactive session where participants engage in a series of hands-on selling exercises designed to showcase some great --and not so great-- selling techniques.

Extra Bonus: You'll learn a series of field-tested, can't-win techniques to make every sale disappear with special guest: "The Worst Salesman in the World" -- based on Joel's book, The Worst Salesman in the World. But don't you worry: You'll also receive plenty of tips and tools for becoming the Best salesperson ever.

Outstanding Outcomes:
You'll learn to:
• Generate and maintain maximum motivation
• Serve your buyers before they're your buyers
• Counter objections by turning "negatives" into POSITIVES
• Maximize your customer's importance
• Always assume you WILL make the sale
• Start out right with a 7 word phrase (Retail only)
• Let 'em tell YOU when they've bought enough!

Selling With Honor


For people for whom selling does not come naturally.
Based on Joel's book, Selling With Honor.
Read the entire book here.

Outstanding Outcomes:
Capture the spirit of trust, passion and enthusiasm that Selling With Honor can bring. You'll learn to:
• Honor the buyer and the seller
• Gain an unwavering belief in the value of your deal
• Learn the power of "Value in Advance" marketing
• Turn your clients into "sales associates"
• Do better in business... and make more money!



The Worst Service in the World!


When it comes to service, many of us have been bruised, battered or just plain ignored. (Even worse, some of us have done the bruising.) Through a series of outstandingly BAD service stories you'll learn to turn the WORST service in the world into the BEST. You'll also learn how to become the "hero" through small but important acts of kindness-- concrete actions that make you and your company look their best.

Outstanding Outcomes:
You'll learn to:
• Discover the DNA of every service story - and how to become the hero
• Develop the right character "ARC" - Attitude, Respect and Concrete Actions
• Turn complainers into die hard fans!

Customer Service Tips (By Tots Who Know)


Additional Programs


Shake That SPEAKING Brain! (From Stage Fright ... to Stage Might!)


This proven program is a combination lecture, demonstration and hands-on experience. Through a series of exercises – conducted in a fun, supportive atmosphere –you’ll learn to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses – while learning you’re NOT alone when it comes to certain fears and anxieties. You’ll also have an opportunity to grow as a speaker and presenter as you try on NEW BEHAVIOR right in class – and experience on a personal, visceral, level the REACTION it engenders. In other words: You’ll get a real “taste” of what it’s like to succeed! And once you get that “taste” you’ll be on your way to becoming a MUCH BETTER presenter!

Outstanding Outcomes:
• Write and prepare powerful speeches and presentations
• Learn to be fully prepared AND spontaneous
• Present your ideas with conviction and enthusiasm

Stage Fright to Stage Might!
(18 Essential Questions - And Their Answers)
12 Top Tips to Give a Damn Good Speech

Also Available:
One-on-one coaching.
Get you and your people speaking like pros!

Shake That WRITING Brain!



When we talk, we tell stories and present ideas -- rarely with much anxiety. But think about writing something (like a speech) and panic sets in. Overcome this crippling response by learning how to "talk" on paper. Based on Joel's Best Selling book, If You Can Talk, You Can Write. (In 2000, his recording of the book won a National Audie Award for "BEST Educational & Training Audio.")
Click here to read some amazing book reviews.

Outstanding Outcomes:
• Conquer the Killer P's -- Perfectionism, Paralysis, and Procrastination
• Silence your inner critic ("Shut up already, I'm trying to write!)
• Get inspired when you don't feel inspired.
• Write you best stuff ever!

5 Quick Tips for Chipping Away at Writer's Block
5 Quick Tips for Writing Like a Person (Not a Mindless Drone)
How (And Why) to Write a Damn Good Press Release

Audio Sample:
If You Can Talk, You Can Write (If necessary, hit arrow to play.)

Shake That MARRIAGE Brain!


Based on Joel's Best Selling books:
By Wives Who Know

By Husbands Who Know

Both books by J.S. Salt, aka Joel Saltzman -- based on his interviews with more than 1,000 husbands and 1,000 wives. (More than 250,000 copies sold. Includes fun and memorable Power Points, marriage tips from"The Honeymooners," "I Love Lucy" and lots, lots more.

Loooking for an "out of the box" program? Click for details.

Looking for an "in person" program? Click for reviews.

Outstanding Outcomes:
• Fewer struggles
• Happier spouses
• Learn to solve marriage conflicts
• Have more FUN!


Ten Great Tips for Husbands
Ten Great Tips for Wives

Audio Sample:
"Oh, Shut Up!" (If necessary, hit arrow to play.)

Also Available:

Shake That PARENTING Brain!


For insights and solutions to the most important job you'll ever have. Learn to Shake That Brain! and discover solutions for maximum profit -- while having lots and lots of FUN with your kids. (But wait, there's more! Becaue you can also apply these Shake That Brain! tools and tips to every other aspect of your life.) Based on Joel's Best Selling book, Always Kiss Me Good Night: Instructions on Raising The Perfect Parent by 147 Kids Who Know, by J.S. Salt, aka Joel Saltzman (150,000 copies sold). You'll also learn to be a great "team leader" -- leading your children with optimism, enthusiasm and a "Can do!" approach to life.
Loooking for an "out of the box" program? Click for details.

Outstanding Outcomes:
• Fewer parent-child struggles
• Happier kids
• Hipper parents
• And a lot more FUN!

Need a program not on the menu?
Original Programs Prepared to Order

All programs prepared with advance input from
management and/or select attendees.

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