Shake That Brain!


Introducing ...

The "Shake That Brain! Institute" in San Diego, CA. Dedicated to "innovation, ethics and the bottom line," the Institute will bring together leaders in allied fields to provide workshops, seminars and training for local and national businesses.

We anticipate being based at San Diego's former Naval Training Center (NTC), currently being developed by the NTC Foundation as a 28-acre "breeding ground" for scientific research, creative expression and the arts. As Alan Ziter, who heads the Foundation, puts it: "In the 21st century, we want San Diego to be defined as a city for innovation and creativity, and we want to reflect that here at the new NTC."

To us it seems like a perfect match: a "breeding ground" for "innovation and creativity" and the Shake That Brain! Institute. What could be better?*


* The Institute will also hold "Shake That Brain! (at the Beach!)" programs at the Hotel del Coronodo, a landmark hotel and one of America 's most beautiful beach resorts.

If the place looks familiar, it's because that's where Marilyn Monroe filmed
"Some Like it Hot" (1959) with Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.

So gather up your sunscreen, some beach toys, and get ready to
"Shake That Brain! (at the Beach)"