Joel Saltzman is a high-octane speaker, facilitator, and consultant and creator of the Shake That Brain!® system —for winning solutions and lots of fun. The author of four Best Sellers, his latest book is Shake That Brain! .

Joel delivers high-energy, content-rich programs on a variety of topics —each filled with laughter, learning, the breaking of delicate objects and the shattering of everyday assumptions. He has inspired clients as diverse as Grey Advertising International, Harley Davidson, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and Warner Bros. Studios. Just read the reviews.

Bottom line? Joel shakes up the way people view their product, service, industry or problem du jour. And he empowers them with his Shake That Brain! system of easy-to-use tools —so they can create winning solutions no matter the challenge or task at hand.

Provocative: Joel gets his audiences and clients to stop and think by challenging "conventional wisdom" and the "tried and true." He guides people to question their assumptions and open their minds to new ideas, leading to more profitable results.
The Chicago Tribune raves: Joel is "crazy like a fox," advocating "solutions that are economical, unexpected and inevitable."

Authentic: Joel tells the truth. And the truth he uncovers inspires his audiences and shakes them out of their comfort zones, allowing them to break free of the old and embrace the new.

Fun: A core underpinning of the Shake That Brain! philosophy is FUN —like Joel's free on-stage brain surgery. It's a proven fact that people learn better when they're having fun. The spontaneous fun in Joel's programs primes his audiences for learning new, innovative behavior.

Funny: Joel was born funny and honed his skills in comedy clubs in New York. He's never told a canned joke in his life. His humor is fresh, spontaneous and 100% relevant to his audience.

Custom Made:
Joel tailors each program to meet your organization's specific needs. Either he'll travel to you, or — coming soon — you can join us at the "Shake That Brain! Institute" based in San Diego.

Guaranteed: With easy-to-use tools and techniques— and lots of fun— Joel will lead your group to lasting, transformative change. You and your people will leave with a bounce in your step and the ability to generate and implement bold new PROFITABLE ideas.

Looking for proof? W
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Joel's Background:

Joel began his career in advertising, working for Young & Rubicam in New York.
He moved to California to write for the sitcoms "Perfect Strangers" and "The Robert Guillaume Show." He also served time as a stand-up comedian. The founder and publisher of Shake It! Books, Joel knows the rewards and challenges of business first hand.

In 2000, Joel won a National Audie Award for Best Educational and Training Audio for his recording of his Best Selling book, "If You Can Talk, You Can Write," dubbed "witty and rewarding" by People Magazine. An abridged audio version of his latest book, "Shake That Brain!"—narrated by Joel—is currently available from AudioTech.

Joel has appeared on CNN, NPR, Leeza and more than 500 radio shows. A graduate of Cornell University, he's taught at Santa Monica City College and UCLA. A former New Yorker, Joel lives in San Diego and does not use sunscreen as often as he should.
J.S. Salt's Background:

Writing under the name J.S. Salt, Joel created the National Best Seller, Always Kiss Me Good Night: Instructions on Raising The Perfect Parent by 147 Kids Who Know, a book that continues to rank among the "Top 10 Gift Books" for Random House. He's also the author of the Best Selling "team building" series: "How To Be The Almost Perfect Husband: (By Wives Who Know)" and "How To Be The Almost Perfect Wife (By Husbands Who Know) — more than 500,000 copies sold.

For programs on parenting and marriage visit: "Shake That Brain! (Family Style).

What’s J.S. Salt’s latest book? How to Have The Perfect Life – From Buddha to Jay Z.” It’s also the title of our latest program.

“How to Have The Perfect Life” is a practical and spiritual approach to leading a “Perfect Life.” Jam-packed with tools and tips, you’ll discover the “wisdom of the ages” - from Buddha to Jay Z.

Spanning continents and cultures, you’ll learn how Muhammad Ali had a lot in common with Aristotle … how Johnny Cash borrowed from Confucius … and how hip hop recording artist, Macklemore, owes a debt of gratitude to Pythagoras (who you may remember from math class in high school). Along the way, you’ll learn to lead a stress-free, rewarding life. And who couldn’t use a little help with that?

"Looking for a cross between a razor-sharp comedian and a practical guide to spiritual and earth-bound success? Look no further than J.S. Salt’s 'How to Have The Perfect Life.'" - Jane Kaplan, former producer, Good Morning America

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