Reviews for
Shake That Brain!
How to Create Winning Solutions
(And Have FUN While You're at It)


"Leave the logical, left-side of your brain behind when reading this book because
it will keep telling you that the author is "Nuts". He's not; he's crazy like a fox. ...
Saltzman advocates solutions that are economical, unexpected and inevitable
[showing readers that] arriving at them involves working with what you have ...
not carping about limitations ... and selling your idea by getting others to support
it early on."
Chicago Tribune, 2/12/06

"Shake That Brain!" will shake up the way you encounter life, providing new
insights, new solutions, and new productivity.

Alan Weiss, PhD
Author, "Million Dollar Consulting"

Do not miss this opportunity to have
your brain shaken AND stirred to new levels
of business achievement.

Don Wilson, President & CEO
Association of Small Business Development Centers

This is a great, easy-to-read book that will shake you, wake you, and help you
make great ideas happen.
Jordan Ayan
Author, "Aha!"

A smart, provocative read filled with practical ideas from a uniquely entertaining
writer and speaker. And it's fun!

Allen P. Adamson
Managing Director
Landor Associates

One of the best idea-generation books I've read in recent years, and I really enjoyed it!
Don the Idea Guy