12 Top Tips to Solve It NOW!

Should You Dare to Be Daring One Thing is Sure

What If You're Wrong?
(Why to COUNTER Intuitive and Long Held Beliefs)

Mistakes Are Great
(The Secret to Creative Solutions)

Need a Solution?
(What's the "Opposite" of Your Question?)

Good Idea or Bad Idea?

We Ought to Be Having More Fun!

Shake That ETHICS

Ethics, Rationalization, Deceipt
(& Worse)

"What Should I Do?"
(12 Key Questions to Ask for Making Ethical Business Decisions)

"What Should I Do?"
(ABRIDGED: Two-page "Tip Sheet" version)

Writing a Code of Ethics for Your Business

6 Top Tips to Shake That Ethics Brain!

"Hey, Tattle-tale!"
(How Grade School Ethics Got it All Wrong)

Find Out What it Means to People at Work


Shake That

8 Great Teamwork Tools You Can't Win Without!
(And the Movies That Prove It!)

Team Charter & Agreements

Teamwork Tools (By Tots Who Know)

Customer Service Tips (By Tots Who Know)

Shake That SPEAKING and WRITING Brain!

Stage Fright to Stage Might!
18 Essential Questions (And Their Answers)

12 Top Tips to Give a Damn Good Speech

5 Quick Tips for Chipping Away at Writer's Block

5 Quick Tips for Writing Like a Person (Not a Mindless Drone)

How (And Why) to Write a Damn Good Press Release


"5 Quick Tips for Perfect Relationships"

How To Be The Almost Perfect Husband

How To Be The Almost Perfect Wife

Ten Great Tips for Husbands

Ten Great Tips for Wives

Teamwork Tools (By Tots Who Know)

Shake That SALES Brain!

8 Top Tips for Creative, Dynamic Selling

8 Great Tips for Creative, Dynamic RETAIL Selling

8 Great Tips for Selling With Honor

Two Little Phrases for Salespeople to Avoid

First Give, Then Receive

How to Become "The WORST Salesman in The World"

8 Great Tips for Becoming The Worst Salesman in The World

Be A Whiz at Sales Presentations

Respond Appropriately to Buying Signals

Minimize Your Customer’s Importance

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