Official Team Charter & Agreements


The name of our team is (Hint: Be creative!) _________________________________

Our leader is (Use proper noun or adjective) ________________________________

The goal of our team is ________________________________________________


Our goal supports the strategic goals of the organization, _______________________,

by _______________________________________________________________


The sponsor of our team expects that what we will accomplish is ________________



On the other hand, we have some stakeholders with different expectations, namely

[Complete only if this applies]: _________________________________________

To reconcile the two, we will [complete only if this applies]: ___________________


Regardless, the time frame for meeting our goal is: __________________________


We will report progress and results [When? How? How often?] _______________


When we achieve our goal we will feel: _________________________________

We will disband: [When?] ___________________________________________

When we disband, we will feel: _______________________________________

Our team leader will: [Check all that team leader agrees to]

___ 1. Avoid compromising the team's objective with personal issues.
___ 2. Exhibit personal commitment to our team's goals
___ 3. Not dilute the team's efforts with too many priorities
___ 4. Be fair and impartial toward all team members.
___ 5. Be willing to confront and resolve issues associated with inadequate
performance by team members.
___ 6. [OTHER] ______________________________________________

Each team member will : [Check all that team agrees to]:

___ 1. Demonstrate understanding of his/her role and accountabilities.
___ 2. Demonstrate objective and fact-based judgments.
___ 3. Collaborate effectively with other team members.
___ 4. Make the team goal a higher priority than any personal objective.
___ 5. Be willing to devote whatever effort is necessary to achieve team success.
___ 6. Be willing to share information, perceptions, and feedback openly.
___ 7. Provide help to other team members when needed and appropriate.
___ 8. Demonstrate high standards of excellence.
___ 9. Stand behind and support team decisions.
___10. Demonstrate courage by directly confronting important issues.
___11. Demonstrate leadership in ways which contribute to team's success.
___12. Respond constructively to feedback from others.
___13. [OTHER] ______________________________________________

In addition, our team leader will: [Check all that leader agrees to]

___ 1. Trust team members with meaningful levels of responsibility.
___ 2. Provide members with the necessary autonomy to achieve results.
___ 3. Present challenging opportunities that stretch abilities of team members.
___ 4. Recognize and reward superior performance.
___ 5. Stand behind our team and support it.*
___ 6. [OTHER] _______________________________________________

* Leader and member agreements adapted from Teamwork (Larson and LaFasto, 1989).

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