Ten Great Tips for Wives

1. Let him know you believe in him. This will empower him to achieve his dreams.

2. Accept your husband for the man he is, instead of wishing you could change this or that.

3. Help him be a hero to his kids. Speak well of him and the good things that he does.

4. Appreciate the things he does - like making repairs around the house. (Even if he doesn't do them so well.)

5. Let him spend time with the guys doing "guy" things.

6. Respect his right to need some space. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you.

7. Stop asking him to throw out his torn, faded jeans. What you hate about them is what he loves about them.

8. Stop criticizing his mother.

9. Be patient with him - he's a man. Make him feel special - he's still a boy who needs your approval.

10. Keep looking your best - for him … and for yourself.

Based on the book...

How To Be The Almost Perfect Wife:
By Husbands Who Know
by J.S. Salt

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J.S. Salt is a pen name for Joel Saltzman, author of "Shake That Brain!" (Wiley, 2006).
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