Ten Great Tips for Husbands

1. Listen, listen, listen! Put down that newspaper (or TV remote) and let her know your focus is on her.

2. When she tells you her problems, try not to to jump in with advice. A sympathetic ear may be all she needs.

3. Schedule a date with her once a week. And it doesn't have to be expensive. The goal is simply to create time for just the two of you.

4. Surprise her with little things that show your affection - a note, a funny card, a small gift, flowers for no reason. She needs to feel you're thinking of her.

5. Do little day-to-day things that make her feel taken care of - like filling her empty water glass, bringing her coffee in bed or turning down her side of the bed if you go to sleep before her.

6. Connect with her physically during the day. Kiss her when you wake up, hold her hand sometimes, touch her in non-sexual ways. She'll be nicer to you and your sex life will improve.

7. Let the kids be your responsibility now and then. That way, she'll get some time for herself for a change.

8. Respect her. Don't make fun of her or berate her just because she doesn't think the same way you do.

9. When you're angry or upset, tell her why. Don't make her guess.

10. Compliment her. And tell her you love her - at least once a day.

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How To Be The Almost Perfect Husband:
By Wives Who Know
by J.S. Salt

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