Why don't husbands like to open up and share their feelings?

Because they're men.

This book, in fact, took two years of begging nearly one thousand men. Talk with me, please. Let me know what you need from your wives. Which is why this book came to be – so wives could learn what their husbands crave; and husbands, at the very least, could point and say: See, that's what I need. Just like this guy says on page _____.

Guaranteed. This book will serve as a catalyst for conversation, leading you and your spouse to better understanding ... and a better marriage. Or give this insider's guide, and its companion volume, How to Be the Almost Perfect Husband – By Wives Who Know, to a couple that's about to get married.

These small but important books will surely improve any union or marriage. They've even improved my own marriage. (And it was pretty good before the books.)

J.S. Salt