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Author J.S. Salt spent three years speaking with 1,000 wives, asking them: "If you could tell someone how to be the 'almost perfect husband,' what would you tell them?" As a result, says Salt, "I became the smartest husband in the world! After all, I listened carefully to these wives' needs and I was smart enough to start applying their advice to my own marriage."
      What's the Number One request from wives? Listen. As Brenda, 36, advises in Salt's book, How To Be The Almost Perfect Husband: By Wives Who Know ($7.99): "Always listen to what your wife has to say no matter how uninteresting or boring it is to you. It's important to her or she wouldn't be sharing it with you." Becky, 33, adds: "When I'm having a bad day and complaining a lot, please just listen. Forget the advice on how to make things better. Just tell me you love me and give me a hug."     
      Salt has also spoken with 1,000 husbands, leading to the companion book, How To Be The Almost Perfect Wife: By Husbands Who Know ($7.99). What do men need the most? Support. Alan, 29, writes: Believe in me, believe in me, believe in me." As Ed, 47, married 25 years adds: "Be my cheerleader. Believe that I have the talent to achieve my dreams, even if it takes longer than I ever imagined.
      "These books are catalysts for conversation," explains Salt. "They really get men and women talking about their needs — and to each other!" Salt calls these small but timely books "pocket-size marriage manuals," explaining that they're written by "the most qualified experts in the field — married men and women who know exactly what they need."    
      Has Salt's marriage improved as a result of his research? "I had a pretty good marriage before I started these books but now it's even better." And did his wife of 10 years learn a few things as well? "No doubt about it," says J.S. "Just don't ask her to admit it."
      Both books are available at bookstores everywhere. To view selections from the books, or to order them, visit:

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"Full of heartfelt and practical advice, these books are a must for anyone who is married or in love."
Barbara DeAngelis

"You'll enjoy this practical wisdom from the real marriage experts — married people — delivered with brevity and plenty of wit."
Gregory J.P. Godek, author, 1001 Ways To Be Romantic

Leeza Gibbons"Once again,
J.S. Salt has compiled definitive life lessons from the real experts. Basic truths straight from the heart."
— Leeza Gibbons

"Shocking. Simple. Profound ... provocative."
— Dallas Morning News


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