Selections from ...
How To Be The Almost Perfect Husband:
By Wives Who Know


I know you want to help, but please
don't jump in with a solution before
I've finished telling you my problem.
Sometimes all I need is a sympathetic ear.

– LINDA, 40
married 15 years


Instead of just telling me, show me
you love me. A kiss when I least expect it.
Flowers for no reason. Hold my hand
when we're in public, and in private.
Little surprises like these can sometimes
mean much more than words.



Tell her you love her 3 x's a day.
"I love you" is like mayonnaise.
It has a very short shelf life.

– SALLY, 47


Spend time
with your kids, now.
If you wait until Tomorrow ...
it may be too late.

– TAMMY, 39
married 9 months


As you get older, and your wife does too,
and you have to make decisions about
medical concerns and wills, and accompany
each other to doctor appointments, keep on
doing those impromptu, fun things you
used to do – a little dance in the kitchen,
a surprise gift, a pinch on the bottom.

– MARIE, 62
married 42 years


Treat me as if
it's our last day together.

– CATHIE, 47
married 25 years


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