Parenting Teamwork Tools

(By Tots Who Know)

The following Parenting Teamwork Tools were written by kids (ages 6-12). Reprinted from the book, What The World Needs Now: Kids' Advice On Treating People Right, compiled by J.S Salt (aka Joel Saltzman).

Make everyone feel special.

Give people more chances in life.

Try to remember you're not the only one that can have a bad day.

Don't leave people when they're in need of help.

Teach them something you know how to do.

Never look at someone like they're nothing.

Never say "You are dum."
Don't even think it!

When someone does something good,
tell them they did a good job.

Give boosters not put-downs.

Say, "You can always talk to me if you need to."

Don't scream at people - EVER.

If they say "I can't do it,"
you tell them, "Yes, you can!"

Never say anything to make someone feel bad.
Because in the end you feel terrible.

If you say you will do something later ... then do it.

Make people enjoy being around you.

Be good pals.

Stick together in bad times like glue.

Always remember to have some FUN every day.

And remember ...

Don't treat people like you're the king.
Act like we're all a team and we can do it together.

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