Customer Service Tips
(by Tots Who Know)

Joel Saltzman

The following Top 20 "customer service tips " were written by kids (ages 6-12). They are reprinted from the book, What The World Needs Now: Kids' Advice On Treating People Right, compiled by J.S Salt (aka Joel Saltzman).

Just be nice. Don't look for the prize.

Treat everyone you meet like the
most important person in the world

Make everyone feel special.

Never say anything to hurt anyone:
if it's not wonderful, don't say it.

Give them LOVE. Because without it
people feel like they should be cruel and nasty.

Try to give people more chances in life.

Never say anything to make someone feel bad.
Because in the end you feel terrible.

Try to remember: you're not the only one
that can have a bad day.

Never look at someone like they're nothing.

Don't leave people when they're in need of help.

Never say "I'm better than you." Don't even think it!

Most people are fragile inside no matter how tough they may act.
Try to remember this at all times.

If someone is being mean to you try not to be mean
to them so you won't start WWIII.

Everyone has a little "nice" puzzle piece.
All you have to do is find it.

Treat everyone the same no matter what.
I know how it feels to be discriminated.
- Jorge, 11

Always respect what people BELIEVE
-- even if YOU don't believe it.

Respect should be given to everyone
(and sometimes even more).

If you really want to punch someone ... don't go near them for a while.

To treat people right ... treat them like family.

And remember ...

Sometimes you have to do stuff you don't really want to do
-- like being nice to someone when they don't really deserve it.*

* Technical term for following this particular bit of advice? -- Keeping your job.

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